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5S is a method front-line workers can really use to improve workplace safety, reduce waste, simplify work processes, improve equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, and ensure product quality. It's the basis for any on-the-floor improvement activity. The Japanese 5S System. Organization. Orderliness, Cleanliness, Standardized Cleanup, and Discipline 

The 5'S System WorkPlace Organization and Standardization

The 5S System: Workplace Organization and Standardization

5S or 5-S System: Workplace Organization and StandardizationFive powerful workplace principles that are the foundation for any plant floor competitive initiative. Actual examples form leading U.S. companies show first hand how the 5S system removes safety hazards and improves work flow, while reducing defects, unplanned downtime and in-process inventory.

The 5S  Training system provides you with practical techniques that make it possible to maintain a use-friendly, customer pleasing workplace.

7 VideoTapes each 10-13 minutes long.
1 Facilitators Guide
1 Participant's Guide.

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5S  Training 5'SEach 5S for Operators Learning Package includes the following components: A Leader's Guide 5 copies of 5S for Operators A set of overhead transparencies summarizing major points A set of slides with case study examples A copy of 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace. . The 5S Learning Package is designed to give a team leader everything needed to lead study groups on the 5S's. The idea behind the package is to lead worker (within their work environments and own teams) through a planned series of study and application sessions. This economic means of disseminating 5S knowledge will yield surprising results. Your teams will be on their way to putting the 5S program into effect. After hiring a trained consultant, the 5S Learning Package is one of the most effective ways to teach these methods so they stick. Provides the foundation for launching a full-scale implementation process Encourages workers to get actively involved in their own learning. For  more information and or to Purchase  5S for Operators Learning Package

5S For Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Work Place

5S or 5-S for Operators : 5 Pillars of the Visual Work Place5S For Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Work Place  Teaches shop floor workers the basics of 5S--the cleaning and straightening activities that are the foundation for all workplace improvements. Especially useful for operators in manufacturing environments. Easy-to-read and loaded with learning features like outlines summaries reflection questions diagrams and cartoon illustrations. For more information and or to Purchase  5S for Operators 

5 Pillars of the Visual Work Place:

5S or 5-S : 5 Pillars of the Visual Work Place:Organization. Orderliness, Cleanliness, Standardized Cleanup, and Discipline are needed. This is what Mr. Hirano calls the "5S's" -- simple activities that can be difficult to implement. And this is what is required for companies to survive in the years ahead. Americans too often expect high drama from an idea when what is needed is simplicity--and a solid foundation to sustain good work. In 1988 Productivity Press published what we considered to be the best company wide introduction to the Just-in-time (JIT_ production system. It was a picture book entitled JIT Factory Revolution: A Pictorial Guide to Factory Design of the Future. One of the numerous books written by Hiroyuki Hirano, a top international consultant, it sparked the interest of Auburn University's Dr. JT Black. His invaluable editing transformed Mr. Hirano's textbook for Japanese factory workers into an educational and eye- opening "before and after JIT plant tour" for American workers as well. For More Information about 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace

5S for Safety Implementation Toolkit

5S for Safety Implementation Toolkit: Why the 5S for Safety Approach?

5S For Safety TrainingAlthough safety is a top concern at many plants, many are still struggling to make plants safe. What manufacturers need is an inexpensive, comprehensive safety program that improves safety, involves employees, and positively impacts the bottom line. For More Information about 5 S For Safety or to Purchase  5S for Safety Implementation Kit