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Quality Productivity Bingo

Administration Time Required   About 2 minutes a day!!
Each playing card is serialized. You give each employee a card, they then maintain that card for as long as you play. You do not keep distributing cards after each game. Draw your number(s), place on arch file display board, write date on master sheet and you're done!
Because the material is laminated, at game end just wipe your game components off with water and you're ready to begin again
Each game includes detailed instructions as how to set up and start your game along with detailed game rules. EXAMPLE:
Question: An employee loses their game card, how do we handle?
Rule: Employee sits out the remainder of active game, then a new card is distributed.
Question: Employee Absent?
Rule: Can allow another employee to watch their card, but responsibility is still with original card holder.
Each game receives 1 deck of laminated playing cards. This will play 144 employees (Note: additional decks and components can also be purchased).
Drawing cards have a Quality related term and the conventional bingo number on each. Employee looks for either the term or number to check off on their playing card. 6 shapes to win are enclosed, you can add additional ways to win - be creative!
Product Durability   Game components are printed in Red, White, and Blue and are laminated for years of use.
Target Those Problem Areas   Quality/Productivity Bingo is extremely versatile. You can change your target at any time you choose. Use it specifically for a troublesome business measurable and after accomplishment, switch to another target. One Midwestern Manufacturing facility posts 5 goals within their game.
Winning!!   Winning, for an employee or a team, brings about immediate satisfaction PLUS a motivation to improve their odds to win. You see, when employees are winning, everyone wins. Products and services improve, employee morale improves, and so does your bottom line!!
No Game Winners?   When Bingo players repeatedly fail to produce winners within the set time period for each game, you will know, and employees will care as never before, that a problem must be solved before anyone can win. This is a prime opportunity to involve employees and management in communication, cooperation, and making lasting improvements.
Bonus Numbers   Additional numbers drawn as a thank-you for special accomplishments, ISO certifications, awards, audits, birthdays, new employee babies, retirements, have fun with bonus numbers!
Training - Quality Related Terms   Specific card designs have quality-related terms in place of bingo numbers that let you enhance your employees' awareness of those terms. Remember, employees review these cards over and over.
Power of Suggestions   Award employees with ideas and suggestions with a bingo number of their choice! How simple, but very effective because they can increase their individual chances of winning.
"While it is desirable to include all employees in the program, many exclude management."
~ Ted Kinnis, The Business Reader
"Employee participation has side benefit that is often overlooked. It provides an opportunity to spot hidden talent."
~ Scott Gooch, Quality Springs
Business Applications  
Fast Foods
Real Estate
Defense Contractors
Auto Dealers
Nursing Homes
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