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Design of Experiments with Minitab

Design of Experiments with Minitab

By: Paul Mathews

10 Digit  ISBN   0873896378    0-87389-637-8
13 Digit ISBN :  9780873896375    978-0-87389-637-5

In Design of Experiments with Minitab, Paul Mathews presents basic types and methods of designed experiments appropriate for engineers, scientists, quality engineers, and Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts.

Most of the classic DOE books were written before DOE software was generally available, so the technical level that they assumed was that of the engineer or scientist who had to write his or her own analysis software. In this practical introduction to DOE, guided by the capabilities of the common software packages, Paul Mathews presents the basic types and methods of designed experiments appropriate for engineers, scientists, quality engineers, and Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts.

Although instructions in the use of MINITAB are detailed enough to provide effective guidance to a new MINITAB user, the book is still general enough to be very helpful to users of other DOE software packages.

Every chapter contains many examples with detailed solutions including extensive output from MINITAB.


  • Graphical Presentation of Data
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • DOE Language and Concepts
  • Experiments for One-Way Classifications
  • Experiments for Multi-Way Classifications
  • Advanced ANOVA Topics
  • Linear Regression
  • Two-Level Factorial Designs
  • Fractional Factorial Designs
  • Response Surface Designs
  • Appendix of Statistical Tables
  • CD-ROM: Excel files with the data from the book's many example problems; descriptions of simple designed experiments that can be performed at home or in the classroom or lab; homework problems for each chapter; custom MINITAB macros for designing and analyzing experiments and performing other special functions; and a standard set of experiment design files with simulation macros in both MINITAB and Excel

Product Title:   Design of Experiments with Minitab
10 Digit ISBN/Part Number:   0873896378
13 Digit ISBN:   9780873896375
Author:   Paul Mathews
Publisher:   Quality Press
Publication Date:   2004
Media:   Book
Usually ships within:   1
Retail Price:   US$134.00
Your Price:   US$127.30
You Save:   US$6.70

Design of Experiments with Minitab


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6184:design of experiments with minitab, paul mathews, doe with minitab, minitab, h1233, 978-0-87389-637-5, 0-87389-637-8, design of experiments

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