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5S Shadow Board Kit

5S Shadow Board Kit

By: Enna Incorporated

10 Digit  ISBN   shadowboardkit    
13 Digit ISBN :  shadowboardkit    

The 5S Shadow Board Kit was designed so you have everything you need to successfully implement shadow boards throughout your company. All too often all the items tools, tapes, stickers, and holders are not supplied in order to ensure success. This package has been proven to work on the shop floor and successfully implement 5S Shadow Boards. The package works and has incorporated all the items needed to facilitate success.

What is the definition of shadow board?

A device used in the straightening phase of 5S to organize tools and materials. A shadow board contains outlines of designated tools to show where they should be stored.

The 5S Shadow Board Kit is your one-stop shop for your tool and material organizational needs. Very useful visual factory aid as well.

Included in the package are:

Cart* 1
Shadow Board Tape Set of 3 colors
5S Forms Set 2
5S Posters 4
Velcro Tape 1
Paint Pens 6
5S Red Tags 2
Measuring Tape 1
Stencil A-B 1
Stencil 0-9 1
Peg Hangers 1 Package
Tool Hangers 1 Package
Tape Holders 2
Zip Ties 2
Cable Ties 2
Tool Holders 2
Peg Board 4
Magnetic Labels 1" X 6" 1 package
Magnetic Labels 2" X 6" 1 package
Rulers 4
Pens and Pencils 2 Packages
Measuring Tape Roll 1

     * The 5S Shadow Board Kit can be sold without the cart for $799.99 and with the cart for $1499.99.


The 5S Shadow Board Kit usually only ships via UPS Ground. For other shipping methods including international sales, please contact us for a quote on shipping.

Product Title:   5S Shadow Board Kit
10 Digit ISBN/Part Number:   shadowboardkit
13 Digit ISBN:   shadowboardkit
Author:   Enna Incorporated
Publisher:   Enna
Publication Date:  
Media:   Learning / Training Multi - Media
Usually ships within:   7
Retail Price:   US$799.99
Your Price:   US$799.99
You Save:   US$0.00

Workstation Cart
Cart Included: Add + US$700.00 
Without Cart: Add + US$0.00 

5S Shadow Board Kit


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