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It's About Time: The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing

It's About Time: The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing

By: Rajan Suri

10 Digit  ISBN   1439805954    1-4398-0595-4
13 Digit ISBN :  9781439805954    978-1-4398-0595-4

It's About Time Second Edition presents developments made in field of Quick Response Manufacturing ( QRM ) over past decade. Describes how lead time influences total operating cost and quality and explains how to restructure an organization in order to minimize lead time throughout the business. Text also provides key insights into system dynamics.

It's About Time: The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing

While everyone knows that time is money, this book demonstrates that for manufacturing companies time is a lot more money than most managers realize! The author shows how companies can take advantage of this realization to gain competitive advantage. This book is intended to be a quick read to convince executives to implement QRM strategy as well as a brief overview for all employees to help them support the QRM implementation.

In the decade since the publication of Rajan Suri's landmark book, Quick Response Manufacturing, the innovative principles of QRM have been proven out via impressive results at many companies, big and small, in a variety of industries. While the key principles of QRM remain unchanged, after a decade of teaching QRM workshops to senior executives, Suri has developed a concise yet convincing way of presenting QRM strategy using four core concepts:
1. The Power of Time – the huge impact that time has on your whole enterprise  
2. Organization Structure – how to structure your organization to minimize time
3. System Dynamics – understanding how interactions between jobs and resources impact time and thereby how to make better decisions on capacity, lot sizes. and similar issues
4. Enterprise-wide application - QRM is not just a shop floor strategy, it extends across your whole enterprise including material planning and control, supply management, office operations and new product introduction.

The text contains new case studies on QRM implementation showing how QRM not only reduces lead time but also improves quality, reduces total operating cost, and enables companies to gain substantial market share. The book also shows how factories in advanced nations can use QRM strategy to compete with manufacturers in low-wage countries. An additional chapter provides pointers for QRM implementation including accounting strategies, novel cost-justification approaches, and a stepwise process for implementation.

Also included is a bonus CD with five appendices that provide a number of practical details to assist in the success of your QRM implementation. Suri chose the topics for the appendices based on numerous experiences with companies, picking topics that most frequently needed to be addressed during the implementation. When you are ready to start implementing QRM, you will find that these appendices contain many tips and pointers that help you work through implementation questions, and also provide simple calculation methods and tools to support the design of your QRM strategy.

Product Title:   It's About Time: The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing
10 Digit ISBN/Part Number:   1439805954
13 Digit ISBN:   9781439805954
Author:   Rajan Suri
Publisher:   Productivity Press
Publication Date:   2010
Media:   Hardcover Book
Usually ships within:   1
Retail Price:   US$43.95
Your Price:   US$38.68
You Save:   US$5.27

It's About Time: The Competitive Advantage of Quick Response Manufacturing


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9743:it's about time, the competitive advantage of quick response manufacturing, rajan suri, quick response manufacturing, qrm, qrm implementation, reduce lead time, 978-1-4398-0595-4, 1-4398-0595-4, material control, time-based supply management

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