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JIT Is Flow: Practice and Principles of Lean Manufacturing

JIT Is Flow: Practice and Principles of Lean Manufacturing

By: Hiroyuki Hirano, Makoto Furuya

10 Digit  ISBN   0971243611    0-9712436-1-1
13 Digit ISBN :  9780971243613    978-0-9712436-1-3

A new JIT/Lean manufacturing book by Hiroyuki Hirano and Makoto Furuya, edited by Norman Bodek. The book provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach to the tools of Lean Manufacturing and demonstrates that Lean must be lead by a commitment to change and a positive approach to innovation.

Fifteen years ago Mr. Hirano’s JIT Implementation Manual was sold in the US for $2,000. Can a business manual be worth $2,000? If you read the book and applied JIT principles in your company you could have saved millions of dollars. Mr. Hirano’s and Mr. Furuya’s new book will surely dazzle you.

JIT Is Flow is a treasure chest on how to implement JIT/Lean. This book is a wonderful addition to Jeffrey Liker’s The Toyota Way, and books by James P. Womack and others. Mr. Ohno and Dr. Shingo would surely have approved.


  • 5S Concept for Management – 1 S Simple is best, 2 S Small is Beautiful, 3 S Slim is elegant, 4 S Short is flexible and 5 S Smooth is excellent.
  • Inventory is the Best Measure of Management – Why Inventory Accumulates – Inventory, a Necessary Evil?
  • Production and People - The Honesty of Factory - The Truth about Top Management - The Truth about Employee Morale - The Truth about Organization - The Truth about Machines and Equipment - The Truth about Efficiency -People Love Making Things - People Have a Love for Place - People Have a Love for People - People Have a Love for Product

In addition: Converting to JIT Production, Elimination of Waste, Production is Music, Five Faults of Large Facilities and Equipment, Standard Operations, The Six Rules of Kanban, the 10 Commandments of Kaikaku, The Five Progressive Levels of Factory quality, Three Basic Causes of Zero Defects, Four Steps to Autonomation, The Five Basics for Innovative Setup/Changeover Reduction, Measures for Effective Maintenance.

Product Title:   JIT Is Flow: Practice and Principles of Lean Manufacturing
10 Digit ISBN/Part Number:   0971243611
13 Digit ISBN:   9780971243613
Author:   Hiroyuki Hirano, Makoto Furuya
Publisher:   PCS Press
Publication Date:   2006
Media:   Book
Usually ships within:   1
Retail Price:   US$47.52
Your Price:   US$47.52
You Save:   US$0.00

JIT Is Flow: Practice and Principles of Lean Manufacturing


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