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Machine Trades Blueprint Reading

Machine Trades Blueprint Reading

By: David L. Taylor

10 Digit  ISBN   1401899986    1-4018-9998-6
13 Digit ISBN :  9781401899981    978-1-4018-9998-1

With 40 fast-paced units of instruction, Blueprint Reading for Machine Trades, 2nd Edition is a complete guide to learning how to interpret industrial prints. Meeting the needs of a two-semester course sequence, coverage spans from an introduction to the alphabet of lines and orthographic projection to application of dimensions and tolerances and more! Modern industry specifications, including current ANSI standards, are also discussed as readers move from basic concepts to completion of increasingly difficult print interpretation assignments.


  • concise, easily digested units build logically upon each other, reinforcing key concepts while introducing new skills
  • one or more practice drawings follow each unit, providing immediate opportunities to apply concepts and hone skills 
  • drawings on the back-of-book CD-ROM make it easy to refer back and forth between the book when solving print interpretation assignments 
  • workbook-style format is ideal for use in individualized instruction or self-paced learning situations

Table of Contents:

Section 1:Blueprints
Section 2:Shop Sketching
Section 3:Views
Section 4:Dimentions and Tolerances
Section 5:Notes and Symbols
Section 6: Screw Threads
Section 7: Gears

Product Title:   Machine Trades Blueprint Reading
10 Digit ISBN/Part Number:   1401899986
13 Digit ISBN:   9781401899981
Author:   David L. Taylor
Publisher:   Cengage Delmar Learning
Publication Date:   2004
Media:   Book
Usually ships within:   1
Retail Price:   US$123.95
Your Price:   US$99.16
You Save:   US$24.79

Machine Trades Blueprint Reading


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Keywords:   1-4018-9998-6,978-1-4018-9998-1,machine trades blueprint reading

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7193:1-4018-9998-6,978-1-4018-9998-1,machine trades blueprint reading

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