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The Quality Technician's Handbook, 6th Edition

The Quality Technician's Handbook, 6th Edition

By: Gary K. Griffith

10 Digit  ISBN   0132621282    0-13-262128-2
13 Digit ISBN :  9780132621281    978-0-13-262128-1

The Quality Technicians Handbook intended as training aid and reference for internal quality technicians training and for courses designed to prepare students for the American Society for Quality's Certified Quality Technicians and Certified Quality Inspector examinations.

The Quality Technicians Handbook, 6th Edition
By: Gary K. Griffith

For all courses in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Inspection serving operators, machinists, inspectors, quality technicians, associate quality engineers, and other manufacturing and purchasing personnel; and for ASQ Certification Courses (e.g., Certified Quality Technician and Certified Quality Inspector).

This text covers the core skills that contribute to ongoing quality at the technician level. More comprehensive than competitive texts, it breaks down technical topics into easy-to-follow directions, many of them presented with step-by-step instructions and intuitive visuals. Coverage includes: quality basics, TQM, costs, audits, inspections, drawings, dimensioning, tolerancing, graphical inspection analysis, measurements, surface plate inspection, lot-by-lot acceptance sampling with current ANSI/ASQC standards, SPC, shop mathematics, and more. This edition presents many new and revised review questions, contains answers to odd-numbered questions, adds new coverage of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and offers updated coverage of other topics, including Geometric Tolerancing.


Prepares technical students to succeed with a broader range of quality related tasks. More comprehensive than other competitive books: starts by covering the essential concepts of quality and TQM; then walks through costs and audits, inspections, drawings, dimensioning and tolerancing, graphical inspection analysis, measurement equipment and techniques, surface plate inspection, lot-by-lot acceptance sampling, the basics of statistical process control and shop mathematics, and many other topics.

Easier to understand. Written simply and concisely, with many step-by-step instructions supported with intuitive line drawings and photographs.

Supports flexible use in diverse classroom programs, ASQ certification preparation, and independent study. Designed and organized for maximum flexibility; easy enough to support students with widely diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Helps students regularly check and confirm their knowledge. Presents review questions at the end of every chapter, as well as many in-chapter practice problems.


Helps students master today's quality techniques more rapidly and successfully, by presenting updated figures and problems, answers to half of the text's problems, and significant new topic coverage.

New! Includes answers to odd-numbered chapter review questions - presented at the end of the book
    Helps students check their understanding of the contents of each chapter

Improved! New and revised figures - designed for greater clarity
    Supports more visual and intuitive learning

Improved! Updated and expanded coverage of geometric tolerancing - including new coverage of Tolerance Zones and Pattern Shifts from Size Datums
    Helps students make full use of geometric tolerancing, one of today's most valuable new innovations in manufacturing quality control

New! Adds coverage of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) - showing how to eliminate product failures through better up-front design
    Helps students recognize potential failure modes, identify the causes associated with them, and work with colleagues to solve the problem

Revised! Review questions improved - including both updates and entirely new questions
    Gives students more current and relevant hands-on practice


1. Introduction to Quality;  2. Total Quality Management;  3. Quality Costs;  4. Quality Audits;  5. Inspection Systems and Planning;  6. Reading Engineering Drawings;  7. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing;  8. Graphical Inspection Analysis;  9. Common Measuring Tools and Measurements;  10. Surface Plate Inspection Methods;  11. Special Measuring Equipment and Techniques;  12. Lot-by-Lot Acceptance Sampling Plans;  13. Statistical Process Control;  14. Shop Mathematics;  Glossary A. Quality Terms and Definitions;  Glossary B. Various Manufacturing Processes;  Glossary C. Terms Used in Reliability;  Glossary D. Overview of Nondestructive Evaluation Methods;  Glossary E. Answers to Odd-Numbered Chapter Review Questions;  Bibliography;  Appendix Tables;  Subject Index;  Formulas Index

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Product Title:   The Quality Technician's Handbook, 6th Edition
10 Digit ISBN/Part Number:   0132621282
13 Digit ISBN:   9780132621281
Author:   Gary K. Griffith
Publisher:   Prentice Hall
Publication Date:   2012
Media:   Hardcover Book
Usually ships within:   1
Retail Price:   US$138.80
Your Price:   US$112.59
You Save:   US$26.21

The Quality Technician's Handbook, 6th Edition


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