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DMAIC Problem-Solving


Web-Based  •  LAN-Based  •  CD-ROMDMAIC Problem Solving Training Course


Course Description

Course Objectives

Intended Audience

Time to Complete

Course Demo

Course Outline

Course Description

DMAIC Problem Solving is a comprehensive, computer-based interactive training system that teaches employees how to use the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) problem-solving process to improve manufacturing quality and productivity.

DMAIC Problem Solving is divided into two units: Getting Started and the DMAIC Project Cycle.  Upon completion of the lessons in each unit, learners can take the DMAIC Challenge to test their knowledge of what they learned in the unit. 

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Course Objectives

Learners will be able to:

  1. Understand and use the DMAIC process to solve problems.

  2. Work on and contribute to a problem-solving team.

  3. Apply the appropriate problem-solving tools throughout the problem-solving process.

Intended Audience

All employees expected to use the DMAIC Problem-Solving Process.

Time To Complete

Approximately five to seven hours.

Course Demo

DMAIC Problem-Solving Training Course Demo

View demo of the DMAIC Problem Solving Course.

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Course Outline

DMAIC Problem Solving is divided into two units: Getting Started and the DMAIC Project CycleThere are exercises throughout the program and upon completion of each unit learners can take the DMAIC Challenge to test their knowledge of what they learned in the unit. 

Unit 1:  Getting Started

Lesson 1

Becoming Aware of a Problem

Ways to recognize indications of problems.

Ideas to help decide which problems to work on first.

Lesson 2  

Why Use a Structured Problem-Solving Process?

How a formal problem-solving approach can improve the effectiveness of the whole organization.

Building a common problem-solving language.

Lesson 3

Do You Need a Team?

Five questions to determine which problems need a team and which problems one person working alone can effectively handle.

Lesson 4

The Importance of Data

How data leads to information and information points the way to knowledge.

Subjective versus objective data.

Attribute data versus variable data.

Using data to infer and make judgments.

Lesson 5

Different Problem-Solving Models

8-Discipline Problem-Solving Model

DMAIC Project Cycle

Xerox Problem-Solving Process

Boeing Process Flow for Working Projects

A generic Six-Step Problem-Solving Model

Unit Test

DMAIC Challenge

An assessment of the learner’s progress in this unit.

Unit 2:  DMAIC Project Cycle

Lesson 1


Establishing a project (problem-solving) team and getting the team started up.

Developing the Problem Statement.

Lesson 2


Setting up the measurement systems so that the appropriate data needed to determine the root cause of the problem can be collected.

Lesson 3


Using a systematic approach to collect, display, and analyze data to identify the root cause(s).

Verifying that the cause identified is truly the root cause.

Identifying a solution to attack the root cause and correct the problem.

Lesson 4


Executing the problem solution.

Developing simple and complex action plans.

Using Gantt and PERT Charts to plan the implementation and monitor progress.

Lesson 5


Finishing the job to ensure the problem does not come back.

Ensuring training, audit practices, and knowledge transfer are completed.

Unit Test

DMAIC Challenge

An assessment of the learner’s progress in this unit.

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